So is it Art?

Fiber art works are works of art that communicate some sort of message, emotion or meaning and go beyond just the literal meaning of the materials. Fiber arts face the challenge at times of the message or meaning of the work of art being eclipsed by the study of the materials used and their history, rather than what they contribute to the overall work of art.[6] From Wikipedia

So what is Fibre Art to me? The concept that has the most resonance at the moment is the concept of Kansei, as used by Misao Jo in her book Self Innovation through Free Weaving. For me, Fibre Art is something that expresses and develops my “Kansei”, that combination of taste, sensibility, aesthetics, and technique that is uniquely mine. Like a writer’s “Voice.” I make Art when I connect to something, an idea, a feeling, an emotion, a phrase, and it comes out as a fibre creation.

I’d like to say I sat down and planned, and made decisions before embarking on a piece of Art, and I have learned to get better about that, but honestly? When I’m actually in the zone, I let the fibre, the colours, the thoughts in my head merge, and mingle, and produce something unique. It flows through me, as much as it is a conscious, intentional creation. I’m very inspired by my materials.

I guess, for me, the Is it Art Question? is answered by another question. Does it have a name? Should it?

(This post was originally published as an introduction to my personal Fibre Journal for the Creative Fibre Designer Yarns Course. I’m aiming to reblog some of them here, as and when I get time!)