Kaleidoscope and the Plague (COVID-19)

Everyone is responding to the virus in different ways. I’m OK, I’m still healthy, and my level of social contact hasn’t really changed much. But my shops and retail outlets are suffering badly, and there are other pressures on my time.

For me, right now, it means I have to spend more time trying to help out in my partner’s business, and less time on art, but that doesn’t mean no time, and it doesn’t mean growing my art business is not still really important to me. As most of his clients are in the hotel and catering industry, my income is likely to become rather more important over the coming weeks and months! It’s a juggling act, but we all have to find ways to cope!

So, this is what I am planning to do!

  1. Update my Galleries so that you have more eye-candy to look at, better organised! Check out my new Hats and Gifts pages!
  2. Start a “Commissions” Page, so you can ask me to make stuff for you! Until it’s up, just Contact Me.
  3. Develop some new stock, including some affordable gifts like the Glasses Cases above, because not everyone wants a hat.
  4. Collect as much stock as I can from bricks and mortar stores, and get some kind of a shop page organised.
  5. Give my Patreon and Ko-fi pages some more love, so you can give them some love too
  6. Learn how to use video-conferencing better, and start some online events and teaching sessions, to help folk while away the long hours.

What you can do to support me!

Keep checking back, buy stuff, when it’s up, come and hang out with me, and learn with me.

Contribute via Patreon and Ko-fi (if you can afford to).

Offer moral support! Visit my site and my social media, comment, offer feedback, share my posts, and my images (with credit), let me know I’m not shouting into the void from my little socially distant bubble! Sharing is caring!

Support other small businesses of all kinds, so we are still here for you when the world returns to whatever normal looks like going forward.

If you are good at things like WordPress, and Video-Conferencing, and would like to give me some help, and would like me to make something for you in return, I do barter on an hour for hour basis. It takes 10 hours to make a hat!

Bear with me! This is all a bit of an adventure, and it won’t all happen at once. But hopefully, when the new normal comes, you will see a more colourful, faster whirling, more responsive Kaleidoscope than before.

Who knows, this could be the kick up the bum I needed!

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