Creative Fibre – Certificate in Designer Yarns –

A bit of a Review

It’s all gone a bit quiet here, but that does not mean I’ve not been busy, quite the reverse! In July, I embarked upon this course, and it is taking a lot of my “spare” time.

For now, here are some pics of what I have been working on as Eye Candy!

I will say, I am learning a lot! The course is self directed learning, and they encourage you to keep a journal. Some of the entries in my journal will, eventually, be edited and make it onto here as tutorials.

It is really encouraging me to reflect on my Fibre Art, slow down and analyse my process. The course material is good very comprehensive, but the tutor encourages you to look elsewhere on the internet, and find your own learning resources. There is also a closed facebook group for folk to share their learning, and ask questions.

The course starts with a reflective, self assessment Assignment, and then there are sections on Preparation, Spinning, Plying, Techniques, and Variation. It covers most of the usual Designer Yarn types you find, such as Core Spun, Tail Spun, Core spun, Spiral Ply, Beehives, Autowrap, Cabled Yarn and Boucle. It then encourages you to do variations on your techniques.

Some of these techniques I have tried, but my knowledge is deepening, and enriching with the staged approach. (I’ve read ahead, but I’m still on Fibre Prep in terms of assignments.) The tutor really encourages you to think about what you are spinning.

While the course is New Zealand based, the students are completely international, One lives in the USA, I live in the UK, there is an Australian, and a New Zealander.

One of the things that attracted me about the course is the fact that it very much encourages and experimental and “what works” approach. It is more about learning and discovery than about perfect outcomes, which frees me, at least, from my imposter syndrome, and allows me to put the work in from which mastery will eventually develop.

Did I mention the tutor is the awesome Suzy Brown? Of Woolwench, Fibery Goodness, and tinyStudio Creative Life fame. I am a sad, sad, fangirl, that woman has inspired me and taught me so much in my fibre journey!

It also gives me a chance to practice my photography, as you have to photograph each and every stage of the process! I am also doing Evanita W Montalvo’s Outstanding Images for the Fibre Artist online course, which has helped me up my fibre photography game.

Certificate in Designer Yarns 2 is in the works, and I will almost certainly go on to do that also!

Eventually, I hope to have some stunning workshops and online content from all this learning, with my own Kaleidoscopic spin, so watch this space!