Sharing the Joy

I am currently learning Saori Weaving, and am very much interested by Misao Jo and her concept of “Kansei”, by which she meant the significance of an intuitive sense of beauty inside all of us. (From her book, “Self Innovation through Free Weaving”, I bought mine here!)

It’s a wee bit like mindfulness, but to me it is more “in the moment” more spontaneous, less planned. It is something that flows, an instinctive, intuitive wellspring of creativity, where observation and learning occurs naturally and profoundly.

I find that Fibre Arts are, for me, the direct path into my “Kansei”, the thing that infallibly gets it flowing, that then inspires me to intuitively pick colours and shapes that look harmonious to me, and to train my fingers to arrange them in a way I find pleasing. When I do this, I create things that give me joy, and that seem to inspire joy in at least some other people.

And I want others to share that joy, that flow, that harmony and learning.

This is why I love to teach. Because EVERYONE has kansei, however deeply buried or differently expressed. My partner, a Programmer, expresses his through a beautifully crafted line of code that does what it is supposed to. I know people who express it through a perfectly brewed pot of tea, cakes, holding parties! But if fibre is the thing that pulls on your heartstings, I want to help you find it.

I love the look of combined joy, discovery, and concentration on the face of someone who has just learned a new fibre skill! I love to see the colours, shapes, and textures that flow from their own creative selves. I want to set that free in the world.

Up until now, this has been pretty informal, mostly among friends. I am a fairly new Fibre Artist, if a very experienced teacher. 25 years in Organisational Development has to be good for something, (apart from building up a Local Government Pension) and if I know it, I can teach it.

My goal continues to be earning some kind of a living from sharing my joy in Fibre, and something happened this weekend to convince me that actually, I really am good enough.

My friend Erin, came to stay to rehome one of my spinning wheels, so I gave her a couple of lessons. Now Erin IS a natural, she soaks things up like a sponge, and starts riffing on what you have taught, taking it beyond where you left off, as naturally as breathing. And there we were, her first lesson, and suddenly we were doing Supercoils, with lockspun yarn that she had spun. Because we connected with her Kansei!

I have also taught people who have struggled to learn. And been able to help them get enough skill, understanding and muscle memory to start that all important flow. Which means more lovely joyful fibre art out in the world.

So this is it! I am officially available for workshops, private coaching, crafty parties (with afternoon tea, for a small extra charge).

Contact me for fees, and availability. Mates rates and barter also a thing, especially among friends.