Why Kaleidoscope? Because the lense of a Kaleidoscope takes whatever it has to work with, and transforms it into a vibrant, colourful ever changing piece of art.

My name is Su Jolly, and I am a Fibre Artist. I am based in Kent, UK

I work with natural fibres, in all their forms, from woven cloth to raw fleece. I prepare, dye, spin, weave, sew, and felt, anything from historical costumes to mad Fantasy Hats, Cowls, Jewellery, Saori Weaving, and Art Yarn. I believe that fibre is a vibrant, precious material, worthy of being Art!

I particularly love to work to commission, so Contact Me if you would like something made. You can buy my ready made stuff at Creek Creative in Faversham, or, soon, from this site direct! And you can support my work on Patreon or Kofi ! Become a Patron! Support Me on Ko-fi

One of my greatest satisfactions comes from teaching others how to express their own, unique creative personality in Fibre. I run regular workshops at Fibre and Fleece in Brogdale Market Place, and teach one to one by mutually convenient arrangement.

I chose the Kaleidoscope as my brand, because a Kaleidosope can take many different things and transform them into something vibrant, colourul, organised, but chaotic.

Because I’m insatiably curious, always learning, always transforming what I do and my methods, and that is how I like it! Just like the Kaleidoscope, when I think I have a handle on what I do, something shifts, and a new pattern develops!